Optimal Audio Project Design

Project Design

Step 1 - Gather

Obtain the following information:
• Name of the venue:
• Venue location:
• Functions of the venue:
• Dimensions (including height) in each zone:
• A floor plan or hand-drawn sketch of the
• On-wall or in-ceiling speaker requirement in
each zone:
• Speaker colour preference in each zone:
• Location for audio controls:
• Wired or wireless microphone requirement:
• Budget expectation:

Step 2 - Send

Forward the project requirements
to projects@audio-technica.eu via
the online contact form

Fill Form

Step 3 - Receive

Within one working day, receive a free of
charge project design including speaker
layout, wiring schematics, amplifier
requirements, output settings, product
specifications and programming
What install will you save time on

Example Project Design

Project requirements form

Optimal Audio Project Design

Maximum file size: 5MB