Artnovion Helps Create Acoustic Perfection For KAD Studios

The recent opening of Bradford recording facility KAD Studios is the realisation of a long-time dream for owner Karl Dunnachie. Located in the centre of the city, KAD features two production rooms and an impressive DJ set-up, which Dunnachie aims to make available for both pro and aspiring producers, musicians and DJs.

The studio’s three rooms all feature extensive sound treatment from Portuguese specialists Artnovion, turning the 200 year old building into a highly usable, musical-sounding space. Previously used as a chiropodist’s practice and left vacant for several years, the building required a back-to-brick restoration and conversion, which allowed Dunnachie the opportunity to design the creative spaces from the ground up, as he describes

“I was in touch with Artnovion – through UK distributor Audio-Technica – throughout the build process and they were incredibly helpful with both advice and the design service they provide. We supplied measurements and provided other info and they sent reports and suggested designs with 3D visualisations. We then worked to refine the initial designs to end up with fantastic results, both from a sonic and aesthetic point of view.”

The two production studios feature a variety of Artnovion treatment solutions, including Myron Ediffusion panels, Andes and Orion absorption and Ulysses bass traps and absorption. The combination of corner, wall and ceiling-mounted treatment ensured significant control of reverb time and undesirable resonant frequencies, with the choice of wood, fabric and EPS finishes – in both black and white – enabling Dunnachie to match the Artnovion array to KAD’s distinctive aesthetics.

The studio’s largest room is home to KAD’s DJ set-up and also features Artnovion’s Galan hybrid absorber-diffuser and Bow Tox absorbers, designed in conjunction with legendary acoustician and studio designer Jan Morel. Additionally, Artnovion’s Atlas Diffuser – in striking gloss white – was used on the studio’s back wall to interrupt mid-range reflections without removing energy from the room.

Finally, the studios sport Artnovion’s striking Vector Gaming desks, another Morel signature product. The desks’ acoustically optimised surfaces, cable management and integrated bass trapping again combine good looks with excellent sonic performance.

“I’ve been absolutely delighted with the whole Artnovion experience,” says Dunnachie, “we couldn’t have created the studios without the treatment products and the design process was fantastic. The level of service we received was second to none and I’m really proud of the facility that we’ve managed to build for Bradford’s creative community as a result.”