Optimal Audio in the Pirate Kindergarten: Cuboid 5 and Zone 8P provide IP54-compliant for the best sound

Music is part of the concept of the Pirate Kindergarten in Bergisch Gladbach. Since the old system could hardly meet the requirements, the development association took on the issue and, together with the sound experts from Starpoint, realised a new sound system solution using components from Optimal Audio.

Dance and music for the children’s everyday life

For Bettina Ommer, head of the day care centre, music is an integral part of her work with the children: “We like to listen to a lot of music and encourage the children to sing along and move. With our old system, this was unfortunately only possible to a very limited extent.” With the new system from Optimal Audio, this is now different. Children and caregivers are equally happy about the new system. Whether it’s a summer party, children’s theatre, Christmas party, carnival or a party in between – with Optimal Audio, the perfect solution has been installed. Bettina Ommer is pleased: “We are very happy that our support association has taken over and installed the new system. The children are always very happy when we sing and dance together. Of course, the sponsor of our institution, together with an electrician, checked and approved the system beforehand.”

Best sound everywhere with Optimal Audio

The complete system consists of ten Optimal Audio Cuboid 5 loudspeakers and a Zone 8P. The speakers play music in four sections and can be controlled from two rooms. The Zone 8P central unit, with its integrated eight-channel power amplifier, delivers more than enough power for the entire system. Weatherproof loudspeakers were needed for outdoor use – no problem with the Cuboid 5, as Bastian Sauer from Starpoint explains: “The Cuboid loudspeakers can also be used for outdoor applications by means of an optionally available plastic cover for the connections on the back and are thus IP54-compliant. In addition, the Cuboid speakers come with Safeties, which provide additional safety, especially when installed in a kindergarten.” So Optimal Audio delivers perfect sound effortlessly and safely throughout the facility.

Easy installation and uncomplicated operation

From the very beginning, the concept focused not only on sound but also on simplicity in operation and installation. For Bastian Sauer of Starpoint, it was therefore quickly clear that it had to be an Optimal Audio system. “We listened to all the requirements and quickly came to the conclusion that Optimal Audio offered the best solution for this,” Sauer explains. This meant that the Friends were able to carry out the installation work themselves according to Starpoint’s specifications without any problems. Starpoint also assisted the kindergarten with the programming of the zone matrix. “We see ourselves not only as an online retailer, but also as a partner for the customers,” Sauer emphasises. “Especially in the installation area, there are many questions that we are happy to clarify before the products are then installed.”

Optimal Audio: the optimal solution for installations

With its convincing sound characteristics, versatile and flexible approaches and easy installation, Optimal Audio inspires customers from a wide range of sectors. The product portfolio allows customised solutions at the highest level for individual projects. Whether kindergarten, shop, church, hotel or restaurant – Optimal Audio convinces with its user-friendly operation and outstanding audio quality.