In recent years, due to the various changes, we’ve all experienced and also encouraged by the huge development in the online sector, more and more of us are working from home or from remote locations. Meetings, calls, conferences, and international virtual get-togethers all have one common denominator nowadays: they’re much more easily and pleasantly experienced from one’s home or mobile location.

Audio-Technica ATR2500x-USB microphone used with a laptop

This has created the need for more advanced AV broadcast solutions, as well as personalized setups, depending on the type of work. At Audio-Technica, we have stepped up our online sound broadcast offers more than ever, bringing forth innovative and accessible products such as ATR-2500X-USB, ATR3350XIS, ATR4697-USB or ATR4750-USB.

Created to offer the best possible sound quality, reliability and durability, our ATR Series microphones cover the whole spectrum of needs for the work-at-home professional.

How to prepare for your online meeting

The ATR Series microphones are made for easy, plug-and-play use (either over USB – for PCs/laptops or analogue connection – for smartphones), requiring no complicated setup or technical knowledge. As soon as the microphone is at the centre of your work-from-home setup, you can maximize its performance by following these simple tips and tricks:

1. We all know how easy it would be to broadcast straight from our cosy kitchen 😊 still, noisy coffeemakers, microwave ovens and that big fridge will all but ruin your sound environment. Choose a quiet, furnished room (living room or bedroom), with the windows closed.

2. What about the running air conditioner? We can tackle this issue in two ways: first, make sure that the air from the AC is not blowing directly into the mic. ATR2500X-USB, for example, is a sensitive microphone that will capture a beautiful sound – and it would be a shame to ruin it by blowing all the air into it, all the time. You can also make sure the microphone is positioned with the noise source behind it (our microphones have a very good off-axis rejection pattern). ATR2500X-USB is called a side-address microphone and will capture sound best from its front, which has the Audio-Technica logo and the LED light on it. ATR2100X-USB is another great choice if you want clear, unidirectional sound – with the advantage that you can speak much closer to it, as it has the form factor of a traditional stage microphone.

3. We also must pay attention to the noises generated by and around the work surface itself (the tapping of a keyboard, putting coffee mugs on the table, papers rustling etc.). If you’re experiencing this issue very frequently and you find your co-workers often muting your mic, you can very easily dampen the vibrations transmitted by using a small bath towel or a rag, folded 2 or 3 times, underneath the mic stand.

Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB microphone used with a laptop

4. You might notice in your discourse that P’s and B’s sound excessive – in music or broadcast studios, this is solved by using a pop-filter. You can do the same at home by using an inexpensive foam pop-filter that goes directly onto the mic.

Audio-Technica ATR4687-USB microphone used with a laptop

5. If you need to cover a larger area when Skyping or Zooming, you may choose an omnidirectional boundary microphone such as ATR4697-USB or ATR4650-USB, that is placed directly on your table. Although convenient and powerful, we must keep in mind that these microphones are very low-profile, so they can easily be covered/blocked by larger objects such as a laptop, a folio, cat… 😊 So try to be mindful when placing the mic, to maximize its potential.

6. Working on your phone? We got you covered! The ATR3350XIS connects effortlessly to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to discuss your ideas with your colleagues from anywhere in the world and in any setting. PS: all our ATR-USB Series microphones are class-compliant, so they will work from the get-go with Android and iPhone.

Our prime objective is for you to have fruitful, exciting, and also relaxing meetings, knowing that the sound quality will always be in your favour.

If you need assistance in choosing your perfect work-from-home audio setup, we are here for you – working, of course, remotely – always listening and broadcasting.