Optimal Audio

Commercial audio. ​Done differently

We’re here with a fresh new outlook.

To enliven the rather traditional and unnecessarily complex world of commercial audio.

Enough of the dehumanising specs and overwhelming technical jargon.

Optimal Audio has a streamlined offering that is easy to install and can be operated by everyday people - not just engineers.
Products are designed to meet the needs of venues and with the intuitive WebApp, the installer can easily tailor the system from full EQ and signal processing to setting up routines and presets. ​​Sound quality is ensured and the system is then easily operated by venue staff, so they have the confidence to create memorable nights of entertainment, engaging retail spaces, inspiring lessons for the next generation and uplifting houses of worship.

As part of Focusrite PLC, the largest pro audio manufacturer in Europe, Optimal Audio benefits from years of engineering experience, global reach and support.

Relax, Its Optimal Audio.


Optimal Audio

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