Williams AV plug&play solutions

Looking to provide solutions for local small-scale designs?
An addition to the services of all businesses involved in audio may provide an additional leg to stand on. Would a local business inquire on building a system for their client communications, or for an internal application such as entertainment or staff discussion we are able to offer multiple of off-the-shelf solutions to elevate your offerings and provide versatility along with quality. From WilliamsAV a couple of these solutions worth to keep in mind such as;
WaveCAST complete Wi-Fi-based audio distribution
  • Send audio directly to smartphones via Wi-Fi
  • Transmitter features network control, dynamics processing and may be employed on the same network Wi-Fi internet coverage is provided
  • Systems available with or without access points and an option is available for dedicated receivers instead of smartphones. Plug-and-play operation up to 45 receivers.
Digi-Wave intercom and tour guide systems
  • Wireless communication in a completely portable format
  • High audio quality, multiple operation modes with a wealth of optional accessories
  • 2.4 GHz operation, charging case and alkaline variants available with range up to 100 meters
Infrared small-area systems
  • Local audio distribution without disturbing the environment
  • Easy to setup, ideal for separating TV audio from loudspeakers
  • 4 mono or two stereo channels available, emitters in various formats, coverage depends on room arrangement

FM bundles
  • Long-range coverage in mobile or fixed settings.
  • Virtually unlimited number of receivers outdoors or indoors
  • Up to 150 meters of coverage in the 863-865 MHz range (up to 5 separate channels) with fixed transmitter featuring microphone input and built-in media player